2015 outdoors

After last years video project 2014 on bikes I thought this year I’d  mix it up with 4 short videos of me, my family and our friends enjoying life out doors in 2015. To be honest it was, at times, a struggle to get the right mix with the vids but I’m happy with the end product and have had a great year sharing my experiences with awesome people

Part one started early on with a family trip up to Forster in the camper. Sure the waves were near non existent but we had a bit of fun on the beaches up there and Me and Tal got to check out the Kiwarrak Trail network.

Back home and we got some canyoning trips in, with Jugglers Canyon and Grand Canyon  near Blackheath + The new house yielded a fun little back yard trail

Part two

Riding spots included a bit of DH and XC at Rydal and canyoning includes trips of  Bowen Crk and Twister/Rocky Crk

Gaz also supplied a bit of stuff he shot on our canyon trips, combined there too much nice footage to splice into the one vid so I did a canyon outtake Vid


Part 3 felt hectic and the edit reflected that. There was heat and snow and walking and riding…

Riding at Bathurst, Rydal, Mt York, Hassans, Clandulla, my front yard, Blackheath and the CTMBC Easter Epic across Newnes Plateau and Long Swamp, through Gardens of Stone and into the Capertee. Walks to Dargan Arch, River Caves, The Dry Canyon(AKA Nobles, AKA Wolgan View), Maiyingu Marragu (AKA “Blackfellows hands”), The Emu cave and a 4x4driving lesson for Beth out near Cape Horn


Part 4 After the hecticness that proceeded it the later part of the year felt a bit more subdued, there was a bit of stress on the work front but looking back there was still heaps happening. Lots of riding around Lithgow and Rydal. Walks in the Gardens of Stone. Trips to Tiger Snake Canyon, Zorro canyon and a big day out near the Bungleboori doing the Hole in the Wall and Banks canyons double header


And of course there was heaps of stuff that made it into it’s own edit




And loads more that we just didn’t film or I couldn’t find time to edit up.

Here’s hoping you all had a great year with family, friends and the great outdoors.