2016 Outdoors

Part 1

Lots of bushwalking and canyoning in the first half of 2016. A little slack on the riding. I’ve done a bit but Tal has lost a bit of interest so we haven’t done any film days on the bikes for a while.

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Part 2

Again lots of walking and canyoning in the second half of 2016. Next to no bike riding thou. A few niggling injuries had me off the bike, whacking on the Kgs and struggling to find my mojo. The times I did manage to get on the bike I mostly didn’t get the camera out. Still lots of great adventuring with a great bunch of people

I originally cut this edit to Drapht’s “Mexico” but obtaining the correct permissions looked like it was going to be too expensive for this project. The creative common music I’ve used works nicely but I really couldn’t be bothered to reedit the video clips so just whacked the new music on.

And then, of course there were all the trips that made it into their own videos.  I was trying to think of a favourite but really couldn’t. Wollangambe 1 kicked of the year in style.  The Whungee Wheengee trip was fun and I really like how the video turned out. Bells creek was a good challenge and an amazing constriction. ButterBox with Ed was great. Claustral was awe inspiring in every sense of the word. South Bowen and Serendipity had me wondering why I hadn’t done them before. But even the smaller trips had their share of character, challenge and fun. And of course the people venturing out with us make it even more special. It was awesome to get Mandy back out for a couple of old favourites as wells as a new favourite or two, and I really enjoyed getting amongst it with Tal.

And of course many more trip reports, photos and, videos can be found by flicking through the blog

2016 was a fantastic year to be outdoors and here’s to more of the same in 2017.

To those who asked to tag along this year and haven’t had a chance to be invited along on a trip I do apologise. It’s been one of those years where we’ve either been doing trips new to us and so not sure what to expect, if we will find it or, how suitable it is for beginners. Smaller family days. Or, if all the regulars come, trips of where we are bordering on too big a group as it is.

For anyone keen to try out canyoning I’d recommend either a guided tour by one of the many commercial groups or join one of the bushwalking clubs that run regular canyon trips (Sydney Uni, Upper Blue Mountains… etc.) and remember treat the places you visit with respect and care.

Remember Caros tips

Catch you out there somewhere and remember Life is to short to be bored