2018 outdoors

Another quality year of outdoor adventure and fun with a wonderfully diverse group of awesome people .

I did’t do a great deal of filming this year. I more concentrated on photos, having fun and meeting a lot of great people.

Stand out trips included Claustral, Grand at Night,  A wet trip to Geronimo and Horseshoe, a revisit of a classic Glen Davis Slot, a exploratory trip I had wanted to do for ages, finally finding Slavens Cave, Galah canyon, Danea brook and round it all off back in Glen Davis for another canyon I had on my to do list for ages

On the Bike front another great time raising money for the Westpac Rescue chopper on the Wests Cycles Classic, Catching up with me old mates Della and Skinny for some rides, The Sheep Station cup, my first 24hr race (team of 4) in about 15 years, weekly Tuesday night races, interclub series and Christmas ride with the Central Tablelands Mountain Bike Club

Thanks to every one that joined me on an adventure or let me join in on one of theirs. Here’s to many more.

Anyhoo with the footage I did get I thought I’d combine my 2018 Outdoors sampler with the 2018 edition of “What Canyon is That”. The fun game for all the family that I put to the ozcanyons group occasionally. So a number will appear at the first clip of each different canyon. Any doubles will get the same number, a few less publicised canyons have snuck in, I’ve marked them with xx. They are not to be named, if you must show your knowledge on them a rough area will be suffice eg, South Wolgan, Capertee Valley, Wollangambe wilderness etc. So first person to match the numbers with the names wins absolutely bugger all except our admiration and respect or sumfink. From memory Tom B is carry over champion from the last 2 years running. Can anyone knock him off his thrown… Points off for naming the xx canyons.

Oh and Tom pointed out I’ve stuffed up and 7 and 8 are the same. 7 was suppose to be Geronimo.

Remember stop wasting time waiting for sometime. Get out there