When I started I wasn’t  really sure what this blog was going to be all about but it’s settled into a place to share my outdoor adventures and inane ramblings. It’s generally me pretending to be awesome while failing to be normal.

Hopefully you enjoy it.

Follow the links below to the relevant parts of the site and I hope to catch you out there somewhere

Canyoning. Has been the main focus over the last couple of years. It’s a past time that really drives me and gives me a great deal of pleasure.  I spent the better part of 15 years out of the sport and dove back in to it in 2015. Here  I’ve developed a collection of blogs about our adventures. They are not guides and are just as much about the people as the places

Rock Climbing. It’s something we use to love. I was never any good at it but it’s something I’m hoping to get back into this year.

2014 on Bikes Was where it really started. I had 4 little videos of Me, Tal and, our friends enjoying riding mountains bikes throughout 2014 posted about the place and felt they needed somewhere to link them all together. Looking back I’m pretty happy with the videos. I reckon they do a good job at capturing the diversity of riding we are lucky enough to have access to around Lithgow

2015 Outdoors Expanded that concept to include some of our outdoor activities, beach, canyons and walking. At times I struggled to get the right mix of action in these compilations. That said it contains some of my favourite edits so far

2016 Outdoors. Following on the same theme. 2016 was a quiet year for me on the bike but lots of walking and canyoning with a great bunch of people condensed down into 2 videos.

2017 outdoors. I had a big year in 2017. Managed to get out for at least 1 canyon or MTB ride every weekend. It was a bunch of fun. Hooked up with a few different canyoning groups too which is always a good way to learn new things and meet new people. Again condensed down to 2 videos

2018 Outdoors. I didn’t do a lot of video this year for what ever reason but here’s a little sampler of some of the adventures I had

2019 Outdoors. A bit of a year of contrasts with some big trips, bucket list tick offs and struggling to find time to get out. But all in all a hell of a lot of fun

Swimming Spots in the Blue Mts  Whenever I’d post a photo or video I’d  get people asking where to find this or how to get started in that so I thought a good place to start would be a guide to some of the swimming spots near by. This list in by no means exhaustive, and is more orientated around Lithgow so far, we really do have some nice spots with easy access, and I will continue to add to it as I go.

Easier Bushwalks around Lithgow is a basic guide to some bushwalks around Lithgow and the upper mountains. Again it is no where near a complete compilation but lists some introductory walks around Lithgow and the upper Mtns and I’ve tried to list them in order of increasing difficulty (difficulty taking into account not just the physical effort but navigation and rock scrambling needed)

Natural Archs. There are a whole heap of rock archs hidden in the bush around Lithgow and a bit further afield. Some of them are harder to find than others but all of them are worth the detective work and exploring needed to seek them out

Gear Review: I don’t do a lot of reviews but for those I do I’ll collate here

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  1. Hello,
    I’d love it if you could recommend any largeish caves you’ve come across on your travels? In this rain, it would be nice to park up in a cave for a bit!


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