Mayhem and Madness. Exotic Joel: the Tiger Snake King


When Joel invites you out for a themed trip you know there’s going to be laughs and craziness aplenty

I swing past the ZigZag to pick up Kylie and Russ and we head on out to meet the others.

Amid hellos and banter costumes are donned, make up applied and the first of 10 gazillion photos are snapped and whips cracked

And then we split into groups and head off

Joel Exotic and an assortment of big cats
F**&^ing Carole Baskin has stolen the cats and Don seems to have gone missing

Along the way several scenes from the show were recreated thanks to ©Gabby for the snaps

And we even done some canyoning

The Nanny was hot but baby was creepy
You never know where the infamous Blue Mountains Leopard is going to show up. Russ didn’t know what he was abseiling toward
Keeping Joel Exotic under wraps. Playing spaghetti is wot I do the bestest or sumfink. ©Hywaida

I’ve done tigersnake canyon um, lets say a few times and the bottom of this section has always been pitch black so I’m up here telling people they’ll need torches….

Some piss taking of my warning ensued… No idea if it was the time of day or the fact there is no tree canopy post fires or just the glow of awesome folk but no torches needed.

Mons, Gab, Joel , Russ and me. ©Kylie

Regrouping at the end of the canyon we’re met by Jen who was unable to abseil due to injury so ducked around and got a little camp fire going. We enjoy some more banter and a bit of Kristos birthday cake that Hywaida had some how carted through the canyon without so much as smearing the icing.

And then it was time to climb out

Another great day in the bush with a seriously unserious bunch of awesome people

(Their) thoughts inhabit a different plane from those of ordinary (people); the simplest interpretation of that is to call (them) crazy.”
― Juliet Marillier,


Mt Boyce

A quick morning climb with Libby and Russ. It was good to dial back the difficulty and concentrate on trying to unlearn some bad technique that I have found myself falling in to.

Pun not intended.

Wait, yes it was.


Random end of iso climbing