McKanes Falls

Walk in: Easy, you basically park at the river

Popularity: Average

Jumps: Nil

Drive: Sealed



One of the many access spots on the Coxes River, the name is more than a little misleading as, as far as I know, there are no Falls. Tiny rapids up and down stream are little more than quickenings in the stream. It’s weird how you sometimes just accept things are named as they are but I never questioned that fact until a few years ago when slogging up the hill on our pushies an out of town mate asked “So how do you get to the falls?”…

The crossing and bridge seem to be named after one Archibald McKane, a convict and handy carpenter who accompanied Major Mitchell on his expeditions. The only reference to falls I can find is story that Cox fell off his horse when first surveying the river below Mt Blaxland. Could the names “Coxes Fall” and McKanes Crossing have become amalgamated? I don’t know but its not a bad spot for a dip.

Popular with fishermen, both up and down stream are private property but there is a corridor around the bridge that gives access to the river.

Water levels can vary but is usually good for a float and a dip. There are no jumps but there is usually a rope swing set up on the underside of the bridge



Getting there: Turn off the Great Western Highway onto McKanes Falls road and follow it down to the river, cross the bridge and turn off into a small camp/picnic area on the right.