Silver Cascades

Walk in: 1hr. Steep. Lots of stairs. Unfenced cliff lines

Popularity: Semi, considering the hike in and out.

Jumps: 0

Drive: Dirt

silver cascade-5.jpg

The pool below the Silver Cascades gets mentioned in a few guides as one of the top 5 or 10  swimming spots in the Blue Mts. I’m not sure I’d go that far but it is a nice pot for a dip.

The swimming hole is fairly shallow with a rocky bottom. It’s a nice spot to cool off with awesome scenery.

There is a second pool, shallower but with a more even bottom just down stream just back from the top of Victoria Falls and the small waterfall between the two was my highlight as far as sitting under it for a pummeling massage.

Getting there:

When one of the guides said it was 400m from the car park I thought it must be a different spot to where I was thinking and there must be a pool higher up. It might to 400m away in a horizontal line on a 2 dimensional map but that doesn’t take into account the nearly 300m vertical you need to traverse. By the time you zigzag down the trail it’s closer to 1.5km. As a young girl declared when she finally got there “Worth it but!”

So A little harder to reach than some of the other swims I have posted. Not too bad though. My tip is to go later in the day so you get to do the walk out the cool of the afternoon.

So… Turn off the Great Western Highway on to Victoria Falls rd just east of Mt Vic. Follow the dirt road (yep it’s dirt it corrugated and a little rough but passable in 2wd at the time of writing) to the end. There is a parking area and windyloo at the end.

From the car park follow the sign posted trail down to the look out and then steeply down the stairs, under the cliff line and continue down to the T intersection. The main pool is to the right, the lower pool is to the left and then follow the sign to the top of Victoria falls.


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