Swimming Spots: Blue Mtns


Please note:

Think before you TREK promotes the benefits of planning ahead for your bushwalking trip by using an easy to remember acronym:

T – Take adequate supplies of food, water, navigation and first aid equipment.

R – Register your planned route and tell friends and family when you expect to return.

E – Emergency beacon (PLB’s) are available free of charge from NSW Police Force and NPWS.

K – Keep to your planned route and follow the map and walking trails

For further information about the TREK program please head to the following web sitehttps://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/…/think-before-you…Please also download and install the Emergency plus App on your smart phone.https://emergencyapp.triplezero.gov.auLet’s have a safe and enjoyable weekend. And so

There are so many great little swimming holes to be found in the Blue Mtns and beyond, I thought I’d put a list together of some of my favs.

Living on the western edge of the Bluies my list is obviously biased that way (I find it hard driving past Clarence Dams to swim in a smaller, less jumpable pool) but each has it’s own unique features and beauty.

I’ll add to the list as I get photos of the spots we like to visit. Some spots are still a little secretive and I wont be publishing those, the ones on the list are relatively well known but they are popular for reasons.


Note: While popular and mostly on the “beaten track”these spots are still wild places and care needs to be taken around cliff edges and on the steep trails. Never jump off a ledge without first checking the water depth in the landing zone. Even in well known locations, things change. Trees fall in creating hidden dangers. Holes silt up. The bush is an ever changing place.

Note 2: A basic first aid kit is essential bit of kit whenever heading into the Aussie bush. Snakes like waterholes too.

Note 3: These are wild and beautiful places, respect them. If you are able to carry something in you can carry it out. Don’ be a tosser. Leaving your rubbish behind is a sure way to ruin it for every one else. As they say in Canada


  1. Clarence Dams  Clarence
  2. Hyde Park Hartley
  3. Deep Pass Newnes Plateau
  4. Minnehaha Falls Katoomba
  5. Lake Lyle Lithgow (External link to the aqua park, there are numerous spots in the back waters where you could go for a free swim)
  6. Wollangambe 1, tourist section (Trip report, photos and video. there are plenty of sites with directions if you google) * currently closed due to safety concerns
  7. Wollangambe 2 lower tourist section (Trip report, photos and video. there are plenty of sites with directions if you google)
  8. Du Faurs Creek (Trip report, photos and video. there are plenty of sites with directions if you google)
  9.  Empress Falls Wentworth Falls
  10. Water Works dam (AKA Dam 1 but really dam 2) Lithgow * No swimming allowed
  11. McKanes Falls Lithgow
  12. The Wolgan River, Newnes
  13. Old Ford Reserve, Megalong Valley
  14. Silver Cascades, Mt Victoria
  15. Victoria Falls, Mt Victoria

Swimming spots further afield

  1. Flat Rock (Tarana)
  2. Jenolan River, Jenolan caves
  3. Mares Forest Creek Canyon, Wombeyan Caves (listed in the top 10 swimming holes in Australia) 28/12/1601/01/2019
  4. Dunns Swamp (Rylestone)
  5. Nethercote Falls (Eden)IMG_2034