Old Ford Reserve

Walk in: Easy, you basically park at the river

Popularity: Popular

Jumps: Nil

Drive: Sealed


Old Ford Reserve is a camp ground in the Megalong Valley at the junction of the Six Foot Track and Megalong Rd where Megalong rd crosses Megalong Crk.


While council signs recommend against swimming (Storm water and farm run off) it’s still a popular spot for a dip.

The creek tends to be shallow and rocky bottomed (think of it as massage therapy for your feet) but there are some deeper pools if you explore around.

There are also some nice granite outcrops to lie on.

Another nice picnic spot.


Getting there: Turn off the highway at Blackheath and cross the railline then follow the Signs to Megalong Valley, down through the rain-forest into the valley, past the tea shop and keep going until just before you reach the creek crossing, signposted Old Ford reserve.