Water Works Dam

Walk in: Moderate to steep 10-30min depending on entry point

Popularity: *** I’ve just found out this is now a no go zone on pain of death, or some other ridiculous over the top fine.



Known as “Dam 1” to non locals for some reason, Dam 1 is actually the original lower dam

( built in 1846) which is now empty. The top dam is Dam 2 (1907).

Built on Farmers Crk,  it’s a shame you can’t swim there any more as Water Works dam was our go to when the kids were younger.

As a kid, myself, we use to ride our BMXs up Water Works gully then climb up over the   first dam wall to make our way up to the dodgy steps over the second dam wall for a swim or yabby hunt, Shhhh, don’t tell mum.

Bigger than Clarence Dams and surrounded on all but the dam side by impressive cliff lines it must have been an impressive canyon system prior to damming. Most of the upper cliff line finishes short of the water but there a many spots  where rock outcrops or the cliff line itself descend to hang over the water to allow a jump into deep water and their were once a few rope swings set up at different spots.




Getting there:
Um I best not say