Empress Falls Pool

Walk in: Moderate 20min

Popularity: Kind of Very. The Canyon trip is popular with commercial tour groups who finish by abseiling down the falls into the pool. If someone calls “Rope!” duck,  2 rope ends are likely to come whipping down from above. Lots of people walk down past the pool and stop to photograph the falls but due to the chilly nature of the water not many people stop for a swim

Jumps: Anything up to 7m

Drive: Sealed


The well maintained walking track from the Conservation Hut at Wentworth Falls down to the base of Empress Falls is pleasant (though I find steep hills easier than constant stairs for some reason). The Falls are worth a look even if you don’t go swimming and there is plenty of other views to visit along the trail.

The pool at the bottom of the Falls is deep and cold. Most of the canyoners abseiling in from above will be in wetsuits. The ledges are slippery so care needs to be taken when jumping.

Getting there: Follow the sign posts off the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls to the Conservation hut. From the the tourist maps and sign posts will guide the way.


Continuing down from the base of Empress Falls the track also passes Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls. Extreme care shoud be taken here. There have been deaths from people falling from height on these falls. Maybe the see people in Empress falls and assume it’s safe to ignore the fences to grab a quick selfie. If you are thinging that think again. Stick to the track on the good side of the safety barriers