Rock Climbing

Way back when, we got into rock climb just to extend out skills for canyoning. It was a bit of fun for midweek afternoon but we we self taught and were’t much good at it.

With us seeking out lessor known canyons some of the entry and exits are getting a little more climby than scrambly and with some good mates being handy climbers it’s time to brush up on the skills.

Climbing is so slow and deliberate, it’s almost the polar opposite of my usual activities. It’s a good way to push your problem solving skills as well as your physical limits. Not sure how much I’ll get back into it or how much energy I’ll put into keeping track of it in the blog but we’ll see how we go.

17-08-2019 Mt Alexandra

08-09-2019 Bardens Lookout

31/12/2019 Sweet Dreams

25/01/19 The Eyrie

1/6/2020 Random stuff at the end of isolation

6-6-2020 Wolgan valley

13/06/2020 Mt Boyce

19/7/2020 Bell Super Crag

25/07/2020 Dam cliffs

29-05-2021 Bunny Buckets Buttress

28-09-2021 Bung Crag