Hyde Park

Walk in: Easy 2min

Popularity: Very. Weekends and public holidays can get very busy, though there is lots of space and there are smaller holes both up and down stream

Jumps: nil

Drive: some dirt, can get a bit corrugated and pot holed.

****As at Feb 2020 the road in is very rough. the  large bog holes are very deep so it might be best to park out near the turn off and walk in from there. This will add 15-20 min walking. n


Once upon a time this was a semi secret spot on the River Lett and you’d be unlucky not to get it all to yourself and so it was popular with skinny dippers.  Before that indigenous groups saw it as a sacred womens place and it is still a special place to them so please show the area respect. Now days it is well known and and usually populated with family groups. It’s rare you’ll find yourself the only one there.

Still it’s popular for a reason. The granite rock formations are distinctly different from the sandstone that dominates the Blue Mtns. Sandy beaches either end of the pool come and go but the rock platforms give surprisingly comfortable spots to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine.

Water Dragons(Physignathus lesueurii) and Eastern Water Skinks are regularly seen up high keeping an eye on their river and there is a healthy population of Cunningham Skinks (Egernia cunninghami) that hideway in the crevices and cracks that abound.

The pool reaches a depth of just under 2m and is fed by a small water fall which is great for sitting under of an invigorating spa.

The whole pool silted up in the 90s such it was possible to walk across with barely getting your shins wet which is why I discourage people building little rock dams across the outlet

Getting There: Turn off  the Great Western Highway onto Mid Hartley Rd near the School. Drive down past the fire shed and turn left on to a dirt road just before the main rd swings right. Just as it looks like you are driving into someones drive way take the right and follow Hyde Park lane for 2km to the car park. Note there are usually some large pot holes that fill up with water making it difficult for 2wd to get through after heavy rain.

hyd5The usually calm pool is a different beast in high water. I’ve only seen it like this a couple of times.

The Old Hartley Post Office Cafe is a great spot to grab some really, really good food. Tell them Flynny sent you.