Empress Canyon, AKA Valley of the Waters canyon


Ed, Tal and I

A quick trip through Empress with Tal and Edwin after aborting an attempt at something else.


Tal at the start of the canyon. Hot day and relatively warm water so we opted not to take wetsuits.
You can make out the bridge that spans the canyon as part of one of the walking trails
Canyon formation
It was a busy day in the canyon, even before the commercial groups start showing up after noon. We leap frogged these guys at the start as they suited up and they caught us as we waited for the group in front to finish absieling
Waiting for a slower group with some beginners on the abseil. Waiting in the breeze coming down the canyon here was the only time it felt a little cool. We could have set up on the right hand anchor but we weren’t in a rush and I think it can put beginners off a bit having another group set up beside trying to push past.


Ed on the start of the dramatic 26m abseil
The group behind follow on their brand new rope.

Party Size: 3 all experienced.

Time: 1.5hr car to car with a bit of waiting.


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