Upper, Upper, um… Upper Wollangambe


Upper Blue Mountains Bushwalking club trip lead by Kate.

*Slight detour* in March I am again taking part in the West Cycles Classic to raise money for the Westpac rescue helicopter service. Whether preforming bush rescue, emergency patient transfers, and all the rest no one has ever had to pay to use the helicopter due to public donations. If, like me, you believe this is an invaluable service or if you just enjoy reading my blog think about pitching in with a donation. Large or small every bit counts. follow this link for details 2018 West Cycles


So this year I set a bit of a goal to do a couple of the sections of the ‘Gambe I hadn’t done before, I  am super keen to do the section between the crater and Mt Wilson, so when I saw a trip to the Upper, Upper section on the program of UBMBC I signed up for the walk.

Turns out the walk would be to a section further up but that was OK it was on the list too.

So after a meet and greet we headed off along a suprisingly good track. I was kind of expecting to be zero tracking. No idea why I thought that, just one of the preconceved ideas you sometimes get completely wrong…

a uuw-36.jpg
Heading out toward pagoda country
a uuw-39.jpg
After a warmish walk in along the ridge we we looking forward to hitting the water

Water levels in the ‘Gambe are fairly low at the moment. This coupled with the hot conditions has lead to a bit of an algae bloom. And when I say “a bit” this section was full of algae. It was a bit of a shock being use to the usual crystal clear waters but it was ok just a bit harder to see where you were putting your feet in the shallow sections.

a uuw-40.jpg

a uuw-41.jpg
Some pleasant canyon sections were interspaced with more open sections

a uuw-44.jpg


a uuw-45.jpg
Typical stunning Wollangambe cliff lines

a uuw-46.jpg

a uuw-47.jpg


a uuw-48.jpg
Hawk Moth, possibly Coequosa australasiae?

a uuw-49.jpg

a uuw-50.jpg

a uuw-51.jpg
This section reminded me of a similar bit on October Creek
a uuw-54.jpg
Or Fortress canyon

a uuw-57.jpg

Interesting vertical slabs in a side creek put me in mind of shark gills
a uuw-59.jpg
Side creek
a uuw-61.jpg
More canyony bits

a uuw-63.jpg

a uuw-64.jpg

a uuw-66.jpg


John proving some boys dont grow up. click images to enlarge

After the monster yabbie we saw in Whungee last week this little nipper was a bit cute

a uuw-75.jpg
“Giant” Spiney Crayfish, Euastacus spinifer
a uuw-76.jpg
Final swim

Then it was onto the ridge where the wild flowers are still in bloom despite the hot dry spell



Group size: 12

Time: 8hrs car to car relaxed pace


The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper
Eden Phillpotts




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