Little Canyon


Mandy and meeeee

So I goit a little busy and hadn’t organised a canyon trip for the weekend. I had a permit  to grab a load of wood from Newnes Forest and suggested to Mandy we do a little walk while up there.

This one is a short little canyon with lots of name. Back before social media it was a bit secretive and I think each group that “found” it gave it their own name. I referred to it as the Little Canyon. I’ve heard it called Tower Canyon, Mossy Bottom Canyon, Waratah Canyon…

It’s been rechristened Ethereal by Michael Keats and the bush explorers in the Gardens of Stones and Beyond books and seems to have gained popularity with bush walkers in recent years

Karen McLaughlin informs me her group called in D day canyon back in 1998.

I’d be very surprised if it wasn’t visited by Col Oloman and his crew when they first started exploring the Bungleboori canyons in the 60s but a lot of his trips went undocumented so it would be interesting to hear from anyone who visited it back in the day in the comments.

Anyhoo. That write up is longer than the canyon…..

The Towers ?
Short but pretty


super short
super pretty


The Mossy Bottom


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