Closet Canyon


Geoff, Guy, Gabby, Ev, Nichole, Laurie and meeee

I’ve had some half-baked plans involving Closet canyon floating around in my head for a few months now so when I noticed Geoff put it on the calendar for the Upper Blue Mountains Bush Walking club I called a favour and got myself a day off work.

Laurie and I met the others at the picnic ground and we headed off to the car park, sorted ropes and  set off on foot over Galah mountain.

Last time I’d been out along this trail Bill Clinton was PUSA, Dolly the sheep was front page news, you could still drive out to the start of the Breakfast creek trail and we were getting smashed with the biggest hail storm I’ve ever been caught in.

Anyhoo, The trail had now regenerated into a narrow foot pad and the wild flowers were out in force.


We made good time to the end of the main trail but from there the faint trail came and went and was, at times easy to loose. Geoff, Guy and Nichole were sharing navigation duties and kept us basically on line.

Gabby had a small run in with a spider however, disappointingly, she failed to develop superpowers from it (Unless of course she was keeping them secret to use for evil…)

After a bit of scrub bashing a short abseil gained us access to the creek

And a short time later said creek dropped into a canyon. A slightly smelly canyon due to a large dead wombat polluting the pool midway down the second drop

Ev keen to get into it
Geoff avoiding the wombat pool by abseiling in from the side
There some nice, if short, canyon sections

And then there was a a scramble down before you had no choice but to drop into the wombat soup

A nice dark section with a cold swim

The creek then opened out and there were some scrubby abseils in the creek. Apparently it’s possible to exit here.

Why would you thou, when the show stopper is just downstream.

The creek canyons up again and we are greeted by a very Butterbox-like chasm

Laurie watching Guy set up

Traditionally done as 1 long abseil Guy decided the risk of the ropes getting snagged in the the sticks jammed at the halfway ledge warranted doing it as two and so set a re-belay


Geoff above the halfway ledge


Guy leading the final abseil
Geoff on the final abseil
Gabby dwarfed by the scale of the canyon

leaving Laurie to belay I scrambled down a little further and found a comfortable rock that offered a great camera angle.

What’s the view like from your rock? Asks Gabby

Pretty good. says I. I’ll move over so we can share it.

Before I knew it, it went from “My rock” to “Our Rock” to “Gabby’s rock” and I was left wondering how the hell that happened. Maybe she did get evil superpowers after all.

That was my rock… Was.
The highlight of the canyon


From there it’s a short journey down to the junction with Rocky creek and then upstream a bit to the exit.

Rocky Creek




Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. ― Neil Gaiman

Party Size: 7 all experienced

Time: 10hrs car to car relaxed pace with plenty of phaffing (Photo and otherwise)



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