Bubblebath Canyon

Originally called Froth and Bubble canyon “Bubble Bath” seems to be the name that has stuck.


Madie, Gabbie and me

Continued from Bjelkes Mind Canyon

After a great night nestled in the amazing over hang looking out at the milkyway we were all up bright and early but took our time with breakfast and packing up camp before making our way up to once again exchange the camp gear for the canyon gear.

I hadn’t given Bubblebath much thought, I just tagged it on to the trip as it was suppose to be short and we were out there and sounded like it might be a cruisey way to start the day before the walk out . I would never had thought it would turn out to be the highlight of the trip.
By the end we were all frothin on it.

The Bubble Bath.

Madie dropping in

It started pleasant enough, just what I was thinking a nice little canyon, nothing spectacular but nice

Madie through the Arch window. …Gabby

There were lots of laughs on this trip
so many laughs

Gabby descending into a great bit of canyon

As I said never would I ever have guessed BubbleBath would be a highlight but Fridays rain combined with a slightly cooler day gave it a great atmosphere.

This sun beam would come through super strong, disappear then just as we put the cameras down to move on it would come back even better


There were some stunningly beautiful sections of slot in this canyon

Some really beautiful bits got put on display

Gabby admiring the beams ©Madie
Me in awe ©Madie
Your’s truly suffering a serious case of super stoke ©Madie

If possible the end of the canyon got even more stunning, so much so it was at times hard to look away. It really was enchanting. Unfortunately my camera was out of battery, I was probably too mesmerised to get photos anyway.

As they say all good things must come to an end and so it was back up the hill to collect the camp gear and off for the long walk out.

Such an awesome trip. 2hrs into the walk out and we’re still all smiles ©Madie

Party size: 3, all experienced


Day 1. Car- Bridge – Bjelkes Mind – Camp Cave 12hrs not rushing but not dawldling either

Day 2. Camp Cave BubbleBath to Car 7hrs 15 min, relaxed pace lots of photofaffing and posing for cameras

Surround your self with exceptional people. Experience exceptional things


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