Tiger Snakes but no Honey Badgers


The Mad One, The Saint, The Cool/Cute One, The Blond One, The Kiwi, The Climber Dude, The Mistery and Meeeeeeeee….. The Grumpy One

Our plan was to do 3 dry canyons up on the Plateau but with me and the Mad One both being a little indecisive, or as we like to say “spontaneous”, things are apt to change at the last minute and as the day was so good we decided to swap out the 3rd one with something more moist.

It was glorious April day and we find ourselves veering off track and working our way down to Crooked Crevice. Another one the Jamieson guide confused the name of and thus most people know it as Penrose Gully (Another slot nearby but not nearly as interesting).

Weirdly I’d never visited Crooked Crevice before. No idea why not but I’m excited to be doing something new to me and we follow Madie into the abyss. Which is generally where you end up if you follow Madie.


Stu bridging the fabulously narrow canyon

Madie squeezing pass the crew ©Stu

Kylie where the abseil opens out a little

Russ stemming high above the narrow depths of the canyon ©Madie

Aleasha optiing to stay high rather than attempt the squeeze down low

And then, sporting some freshly exfoliated skin we head back up the hill..

Hey did anyone mark where we dropped the bags on their GPS?


Cool, do you want to check if we getting close?

Um I left my GPS with the bags…

We find the bags and head off towards the second canyon of the day

Tiger Snake is a great little Canyon in two parts separated by a short creek walk

Russ about to head down and join the gang

There are a couple of ways into the bottom section, despite this one bypassing nearly half the canyon it’s my fav and you can always scramble back up stream to check out the rest
It’s a bit of a bland canyon really…..

And then it was back up the hill where the decision was made to skip the 3rd drish canyon and go drop into something wet.

Did you pack a wetsuit. We wont need wetsuits…. Seriously, Warm Autumn at the end of a hot summer. Canyon water is as warm as it ever gets. ©Madie
Matt on rope Madie on belay
How many people do you think we could fit up here?
4 was a squeeze but…
6. The answer was 6

And thus ended our great day on the plateau.

Hey do you want to do another little short one that may or may not be a canyon?

We sure do.

And thus we set off down the maze of fire trails where I take a wrong turn and it gets dark and Madie says I’m a shit navigator… To be fair I usually only get lost while still in the car….

And thus ended our great day on the Plateau…

Time: Time is meaningless when you are having this much fun.

We are not nouns, we are verbs. I am not a thing, I am a person who does things… And I never know what I am going to do next. Stephen Fry


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