No Better Offer


Ed, Jen, Russ, Dick, Izy and meeeeee

You getting out this weekend? asks Ed


  1. I haven’t caught up with Ed in ages
  2. I’d had a couple of big weeks at work
  3. I was in a shit of a mood and needed an adventure break

So a big fat Hell Yes says I

For various reasons Dick hadn’t been on a canyon trip in 12 months or more. Ya keen mate

Keen as, says he.

A couple of quick messages to Jen and Russ and we have ourselves a possie

I swing around to the top office and throw Isobel and invite too, she’s down from Brissy for work and seems keen to explore. She is in.

Now I’ve said it before I’ll say it again Magnifying Glass canyon, AKA Better Offer isn’t the most spectacular canyon going, I mean it barely earns the right to be called a canyon but it has some fun bits and my other pick, Yileen was still closed post fires

Anyhoo we pop out along the ridge in good spirits and soon reach our first abseil. We could have easily walked around this one but I knew it was short and not steep and wanted to give Izy an easy one to practice on.

The anchor was burnt to a crisp and we start setting up the fiddle stick

Hey Russ do you think it a good spot to fiddle?

Why’s that

Well it’s as scrubby as an early 70’s music festival.

We opt to replace the anchor and go wit a standard set up. It’s a crap abseil. I’d probably just walk around it next time

Jen belaying Izy down the first nice abseil

Comparing photos form 4 years ago this drop was bone dry, weirdly the pools later were shallower, more from having silted up

A short hand over hand that last time was very slippery was easily negotiated and then we are at the abseil into the pool. I offer to go first and sacrifice my dryness, I was keen to see if a guided abseil was possible to keep the others dry.

I strip off my top but couldn’t be bothered taken off my harness so pants stay on much to the relief of the others

The guide worked a treat

Dick may have set his sling a tad long and got wet feet.

I’m stuffing the rope back in my pack feeling all gallant and chivalrous when PLONK!

Izy has decided the cool, clear water of the Blue Mts is too much to resist and has thrown herself backwards of a log into a nice deep pool. So much fro keeping her dry

Next up is the big one, Last time we went straight down the creek, this time we went from the left which gave us a stunning 22m abseil, much of it over hung

The last abseil is barely worth roping up for, It’s only 2m to the ledge but it’s a tricky 2 m

Russ opts to stay on rope for a bit longer

And then the creek starts to open up and we have lunch on a less than flat rock enjoying the views the fires have opened up over the Gross

the views might be good but the lack of vegetation make traversing the slopes a little dicey in spots

And because it was such a nice day and we were having such a good time we decide to forego the easy exit gully and reverse Birrabang

Again it’s not much of a canyon but it has some pretty spots
Some careful ledge work keeps us dry…. for now

For some the dryness wasn’t to last through

The beauty made up for it but
That deep ravine in the the centre is where we have just come out of
He’s probably seen a glossey back or two
Izy and Jen and the might Blue

Party Size: 6

Time: I have no idea

If life gives you lemons, you might be a lemon tree


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