Getting frothy in Kalang


Kylie, Monica, Kris, Hywaida, Jason and meeee

Hey, I know you’ve just done Kanangra Main but would you be interested in doing it again with us? says Kylie

Hell yeah. Says I

‘cpet the water levels are up.

A week of dry should settle it. says I, let’s suck it and see.

Good theory but the week wasn’t exactly dry and as the gang set up camp it pissed down then rained steadily all night. I felt sorry for them as I opted to snuggle up in my nice warm bed at home but I’m sure they were having a great time.

When I rocked up in the morning Kanangra brook could be heard gushing away in the gully. I wandered down for a look. The amount of water on the ground was concerning and the little brook below the car park trying to burst it’s banks.

If the brook is flowing like that Kanangra creek will be pumping. Say I. We can walk out to check it out but I’m thinking we need to play it a little safe.

The others agree and we opt to do Kalang Falls instead. It is a bit more open with bigger stances between abseils. It’s usually done as a dry trip but has options so we could choose to get into the flow if it was safe.

And off we went

The rocks at Kanangra are always slippery and loose and the dampness added to this so we went slow and steady, setting up a small abseil to get to the first abseil.

We start on the dry line. Mon halfway down the usual P1 ©Hywaida

But soon we opt to take the wet line.

Kristo ©Kylie
We took the semi dry line for this one. The good thing with Kalang is there are plenty of options

We were bleeding the ropes each abseil but a few drops in we core shot Jason’s 70m rope.

A few abseils later I notice a cut in my 60m, right in the centre

The quartzite that dominates the Kanangra landscape is sharp but for all the trips I’ve done out there this was the first time I’d ever cut a rope (Ever! not just at Kanangra). And now we had cut 2. Thou it should be noted both ropes had seen a lot of use.

Luckily the bigger drops were done as that was our two longer ropes relegated to pull cord status.

There were lot of laughs and plenty of smiles in between the serious stuff.

Kylie about to enter one of the tricker abseils of the trip. Slippery, odd angles and pumpy all at once
Mon about to get tumble washed

There was lots of highlights but I think THE highlight was this two stage drop in a good bit of flow

The final drop gave us a good show too

And reaching the junction with Kanangra creek we get back into semi dry gear, have a bit of lunch and then make the steep, slippery, scratchy, bitey haul back up to the cars.

Kylie may have swore once or twice.

The most scared I was on that entire trip was the exit. Says Mon

Good times.

Stay true to yourself, never follow someone else’s path. Well unless you’re in the woods and you’re lost and you see a path then by all means follow that.

Party size: 6

Time 8hrs car to car.


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