The Dry Canyon

AKA Wolgan View Canyon. AKA Nobles Canyon

Access: Easy walk, no swims or abseils but some rock scrambles.

Navigation: Navigation is fairly straight forward under normal conditions though the trail can be over grown at times.

Map: Cullen Bullen 1:25000    8931-3-NThis can be purchased at Lithgow Tourist information center or online for around $10

Time: You could probably get through and back in under an hour but why rush? Give your self a few hours to soak in the ambiance.


Being dry and fairly non technical I think The Dry Canyon is seriously underrated by “serious” canyoners but the lower constriction, particularly, is deep and narrow and relatively sustained. This is a really nice walk with nice views out over the Wolgan Valley at the end.

Getting there:

Follow the Glowworm tunnel road out of Lithgow. Approximately 30km along here you will come to the turn off to the Coach road. Keep to the main road (left fork) and approx 4km further on there is a small area to park your car on the left (MGA408166 on Cullen Bullen Map.) at a barricade blocking an old 4×4 trail. This is just after a narrow cutting and approximate 1km before the first tunnel.

The Walk: Go past the barricade and follow the old trail down to a small camp ground. Continue to the right and the trail leads you around some nice open scrub to a dry creek bed. Follow this down to the start of the canyon.


Where the creek drops into the start of the upper constriction (MGA403167) there is a tricky , exposed scramble down some boulders, this can be avoided by swinging up to the left and following a steep but easier trail down from higher up.

The top section of canyon is a picturesque gorge. While short and not that deep the overhanging cliff on the left is stunning.


This section soon opens up and the trail continues on,  swinging a little left before entering the lower constriction. If this contained deep water it would be the most popular canyon on the Plateau. It’s deep and dark, a very nice constriction.

There are a couple of small rock scrambles to negotiate on the way through and then it opens out over the Wolgan Valley. With care you can head around to the right for better views but care is needed as the edges are loose and the cliffs exposed and you are still a long way up.

Return the way you came in.

Trip reports and more photos 10/03/2016 / 14/11/2016 / 04/03/201724/06/2017

Note: The great outdoors is an ever changing place. Bush fires, changing weather, vegetation growth and forestry activities can all effect the trail conditions and thus the difficulty of the walk. These are a rough guide only and are by no means meant to be a definitive guide . They do not replace the need adequate map reading and navigational skills

Note 1: Taking care  While reasonably well known these spots are still wild places and care needs to be taken around cliff edges and on the steep trails.  Carrying the right gear as well as having adequate food, water and clothing is important. Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to get back.

Emergency beckons (PLBs) can be hired from Katoomba Police for very little.

Note 2: First aid A basic first aid kit is essential bit of kit whenever heading into the Aussie bush. A basic first aid is highly recommended

Note 3: Maps and Navigation Having the right map, a compass and knowing how to read them is very important when heading into the bush. If you are new to bush walking joining a club or accompanying more experienced walker for you first few outing is a very good idea. I found practicing map reading on well defined trails was helpful when I started out.

The Maps mentioned are the 1:25000 series. They can be purchase at Lithgow tourism information center, from outdoors shops or online for around $10 each.

Note 4: These are wild and beautiful places, respect them. If you are able to carry something in you can carry it out. Don’ be a tosser. Leaving your rubbish behind is a sure way to ruin it for every one else.


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