A quick trip to The Dry Canyon


This canyon has many names including “Wolgan View” and “Nobles canyon” but because it is a canyon that is dry it is mostly known by the very descriptive title of “The Dry Canyon

It’s a super easy walk in, pretty much flat, has 2 very nice constrictions and gives access to nice views over the Wolgan valley. It tends to be underatd by serious canyoners looking for something with a little more challenge and adrenaline but I really like it. The play of light in the lower constriction is magical.

Anyhoo friends were looking for more easy bushwalks to show visitors down when they came to town and I suggested this one. Finding a weekend when we were all available was proving problematic so now day light saving has kicked in we settled on a quick afternoon trip after the kids finished school

The late spring afternoon light was glorious as we made our way along the entrance trail and we soon reached the upper constriction.

I love showing newbies through here. Inevitably they are amazed at the upper constriction and I can’t help having a little grin. This is just the entree.

Anyhoo it was a nice little walk for a Monday afternoon.











Party size 4

Time 1.5hr car to car with lots of photo phaffing and looking about

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