Bells Grotto and the Glowworm Tunnel


Me and Mandy

Another last minuet decision to go for a walk. We had something in mind up near the glow worm tunnel but I read my clue wrong and somehow entered a grid reference in my GPS wrong we missed the mark.

We were in the right spot just not high enough in the creek… Anyhoo we could have circled back up but instead settled on a cruzy walk through Bells Grotto and the Glowworm tunnel.

1We got to the car park are 10:30. There were a few cars there but by the time we got back it was packed.

It’s a nice little walk in and we head up the pagoda trail in search of the something else  but soon find ourselfs bash up a fairy scruby gully. Realising our mistake we decide to follow a dry water course back down the hill and soon find ourselves directly above the tunnel entrance.

We make our way down and then scramble down the embankment into the top of Bells grotto. This is a pretty little canyonette. Yellow sandstone. Green trees. Red water….

It looks weird but the creek has had the red slimey stuff in it for as long as I can remember.


The most canyonie bit is the start then it opens out a bit to a tree fern filled gorge. 5 or 6 minuets later you round the bend and come to the glow worm tunnel emerging from the big wall on the right.


Lots of families there today which is good see. The not so good was the toilet paper scattered about just before  Bells Grotto meets the tunnel. Seriously there are toilets at the car park 30min walk away. If they are that caught out you’d think they could at least bury the paper…

Anyhoo the tunnel was as awesome as ever. Lots of worm. Unfortunately neither the iphone nor the gopro could pick them up too well


A pleasant stroll.

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