Dargan Crk Canyon

Dargan crk is one of our favourite canyons. Yeah it’s short but it is a perfect example of what canyoning is all about to show newbies. Even in the years when we “weren’t canyoning” we’d do this atleast once a year. It’s a quick, relatively easy trip but still packs a bit of wow factor. + it has the appeal of the dams for a swim afterwards.

It has some very nice canyon formations and the dark section is particularly nice.

I’ve done it all the different ways, down the old stairs, abseiling in, walking around the climbers access, reversing back up climbing out the tree spikes and, going all the way down through into Hartley vale.

My preference, if you have time is to do the canyon and then exit by reversing back up. It doubles the canyon experience and you do notice different stuff on the way back.

Climbing up the waterfall and then up the tree spikes is an experience and a good way to exit if time is a bit more pressing. But do yourself a favour, if anyone suggests doing the car shuttle and doing the through trip down through Hartley kick them square in the nuts. It’ll be more fun…

Anyway this one isn’t so much a trip blog as just a spot to park the video of on of our trips


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