Megs, Ben, AD, Garry, Bryson, Tal, me

North Bowen creek canyon lower section is kind of a plain name for a very nice canyon. In the late 90s, early 2000s a commercial group started marketing this as “The secret Gobsmacker” It wasn’t all that secret but Gobsmacker had a bit of a ring to it and I think it’s a good a name as any and pokes fun at the secret bit.

Anyhoo another canyon I’d visited a long time ago and really enjoyed so, again I was keen to get Tal down it. Way back then there was a secret to opening the “locked” gate and you could drive all the way to the start of the foot pad. Today we’d be doing a bit more walking but it’s mostly a pleasant stroll along a shady fire road.

I was a little shocked and disappointed at the condition of the entry track. Back when I first did it it was quite well known but minimum impact walking techniques meant there wasn’t really a track and you made your own way in.


Now the wide erosion scar runs straight down the fall line. With all the recent rain it was a slippery mudfest. luckily the canyon was just as nice as I remember


Party size: 5

Time: 6hrs

This is a bit of a compilation of different canyons including the Gobsmacker

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