Juggler and Grand Canyon


Megs, Ben, AD, Edwin, Tal, me

Not “The Grand canyon” but the Grand Canyon is a relatively easily accessible canyon near Blackheath. It’s real popular with guide companies and 1 I did a lot when I was guiding in the early 2000s. Enter via a well maintained tourist track 1 abseil into the slot and than a very nice, sustained canyon and exit back up the tourist track.

I was keen to show Tal down it and Ed suggested we combine it with the Juggler Canyon which none of us had done before. The Juggler is more an abseil trip down a steep creek with canyony bits and  gave us a different way in and out.

After guiding  it so often and then not doing it for 15 years I’d forgotten how grand the Grand canyon was. It really is a nice introductory canyon and can be reversed up negating the need to abseil if you so wish.










Party size: 6

Time: About 5hrs car to car with a bit of a wait for a commercial group at the abseil


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