Rocky Creek Canyon


Jeff, Sam, me

Rocky Creek canyon is the most popular canyon on the Newnes Plateau , especially when combined with Twister Canyon,and it is easy to see why.

They are fairly easy to get to, don’t require abseiling and are relatively non technical. Twister is like natures theme park. Lots of jumps and slides and fun. Rocky Crk is deep dark and awe inspiring, It is the canyon that got me hooked on canyoning.

Despite the ease, or maybe because of it, many people have been caught out under estimating the dangers. There are been many rescues over the years and at least 1 fatality. Rocky creek has a massive catchment so the threat of flash flooding is very real. I have been flooded out of it myself, second guessing an afternoon storm.


Jeff grew up exploring the iconic canyons of Zion NP and has been keen to check out Rocky Crk. Finally we go a weekend where we were both free. One of the advantages of living close by is you can time your trip to miss most of the crowds. Last time we went at night this time around we went really early and the light was awesome. It changed in the little time it took us to go down and start reversing back up.

And we didn’t see a soul until we were back at the car park.

The start of Twister Canyon
One of the many water jumps in Twister Canyon
Where the entry track meets Rocky crk with Rocky coming in from the right and disappearing down the cleft on the left
Sam coming down the entry chute
Sam in Rocky Creek

Click to enlarge

Jeff and Sam make their way down the canyon
The soft morning light
Looking back up the canyon where it opens out just up stream of the Budgary crk junction
The majestic Rocky creek canyon
As you carefully pick out your footing you have to remind yourself to look up


With the sun a few degrees higher the soft light disappears and these striking rays appear


The more open section around about half way through
Jeff and Sam in the last swim before climbing back out where the canyon started
Jeff and Sam back at the start with Rocky creek canyon behind them

Party Size. 1 experienced Aussie caynoner, 1 experienced USA Canyoneer(er). I beginer

Time:3.5hrs car to car


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