Bridge canyon

AKA Steep Creek

Beauties and the Beast in the Bungleboori boondocks


Me, Madie and Gabby

I’ve never given Steep Creek much thought but Kent talked up Bridge canyon as a great trip. Took me a bit to realise they were the same thing.

Anyhoo another trip out to this part of the world was high on my wish list for this year and me and Madie had started talking about doing it even before we had finished last weekends trip in Twilight Canyon.

I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to fit it in but then my weekend freed up and Mandy granted me a leave pass…

You want to do it this weekend? It was like Wednesday morning.

Hell yes!

Some last minute invites were sent out. We weren’t sure we’d get any takers with so late notice but Gabby jumped at the chance.

Some off the cuff planning was done.

The rest of the week saw afternoon storms roll through including a big one Friday that just seemed to keep coming. It made me a little nervous about the camp but the worse Fridays storm got the better the revised weather forecast for Saturday became. In the end the weather and water levels were near on perfect

Keen as beans for an awesome weekend in nature

It’s amazing how quick a long walk in can go with good company, a bit of banter and high expectations of what you are going to find. With just a small hickup in navigation that was easily corrected we arrived at the bag drop where we decided to stash the camp gear before spending the rest of the day exploring Bridge and Bjelkes Mind Canyons.

We make our way down to the start of the canyon don our wetsuits and scramble down.

The chamber that waits below is spectacular.

Up there with Dalpura for one of the prettiest starts to a canyon

Madie enjoying the cool water

But then it opens out and it’s a long creek walk, scrambling over boulders with a few interesting abseils

It was pretty but not canyoning Wow

Madie in the “Steep creek”

It seemed like we we getting very close to the junction with the Bungleboori and I was starting to wonder what Kent saw in this trip and then the creek dropped into this

And things took a turn towards amazing

Madie checking to see if a tunnel like cave might go and provide me with an easier way down ©Gabby
Darlene dubbed this photo The Dragons Eye
The girls in the Dragons Eye tunnel

Abseiling. Are we doing it right
Do you reckon Gabby is enjoying herself? ©Madie

Madie under the pump
Gabby into the hole

And then it opens out and we have one more abseil before we reach the bungleboori. We spend a bit of time backing up the anchor which was a large rotten tree that felt like crumbling paper.

We find a sunny rock in the bungleboori for a bit of lunch. I think we need to go down stream a bit but the going is difficult and Madie finds a way to scramble out onto the bank, stumbling across a faint exit track by chance.

We follow it up through the first cliff line and then make our way around for the second canyon of the day

Continued on  Bjelkes Mind

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