Serendipitous moments


Madie, Gabbie and meeeeee

Anyone up to squeezing in a Friday night canyon trip prior to the long weekend?

Ahhhhh, Hell yes.

And so I find myself once again following these two down a fire trail looking for adventure

We drop into the top section on dusk

it was a glorious evening

We reach the canyon proper just as the light is starting to fade and we decide to suit up and wait for full darkness. The night was warm, we lay in the creek talking about past experiences and future goals.

But then it’s time to drop in and join the glowworms

And just soak in the ambience
They always remind me of an Ani Difranco song. Tonight more so than usual

And then true to it’s name Serendipity strikes this shot was a complete fluke I had no idea Gabbie was in the shot and Madie had no idea I was shooting when she turned her red light on.

We spent so long in the canyon standing still, moving a bit, lights out, sit down, lay here,look up… we start to get cold even with the wetsuits and so we drag ourselves away and scramble out.

Just around the corner a warm breeze drifts up to kiss the canyon wall and we spend time drying off under moonlight looking for shooting stars. The banter has died down but eventually back up the hill we must go

Party Size: 3 all experienced

Time: 5.5hrs with lots of time just standing/sitting/laying taking it all in


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