No Lockdown Newnes State Forest Walk around


Madie, Leo, Pippa and I.

It’s early Saturday morning my phone sounds and incoming text

Wanna do sumfink?


Well that was settled. Par for the course for our preparation and planning

Pippa needs an outing too so we decide to avoid the National Park and checkout some stuff in the state forest.

First stop Cracks of Doom.

Those playing along back home may recall my previous adventures, After first visiting these features in 1994 a return visit in 2015 saw me not finding them and subsequently not fitting through them to then squeezing through and squeezing through again well it seems like after a pretty lazy couple of months I’m back to not fitting

Leo follows me in
Well this is awkward

So I squeeze. I strip of clothing. I try bridging higher. I can’t bend me knees to get lower….. There is just 1 bit where I can’t get past. If memory serves there is one more tight bit further in so rather than forcing myself through and possibly getting stuck further in I opt to reverse out, with some difficultly and let the young skinny beautiful doggo continue through with Madie and Leo…..

At one point the crack drops sharply, here Pippa decides to take advantage of things and crawl onto Leo’s head.

I slip around and scramble down Crack of Doom 2. We then check out some of the other cracks/Canyonettes in the area

And check out a possible First Nations occupation site before reversing up Crack of Doom 2

A Short easy scramble gets us out the top

Now what?

Lets get wet. Alcatraz on the way home!!!

Winter Alcatraz Undie run comingup

At this point in time there are things I can’t feel.

TBH I sooked a bit and put a top on so that I could go first and then stay to help Madie at the bottom with Pippa and then pull ropes.

scrambling back out into glorious sunshine.

Getting back into dry clothes felt soooo good and we relished the sunshine one back up top

The following day we head into the Freezer. Despite the name its a pleasant crag out of the wind and, today at least, sheltered from the rain (mostly)

Madie leads up the delightfully run out slopperfest, Soul Sister (18). Leo then leads up making it look easy before I struggle my way up on top rope.

Then I leave them to play on the harder stuff and head for home feeling somewhat out of shape and deflated but determined to crack myself back into gear.

Your future. It awaits only you, to live it and to write it. R Hobb


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