Goochs Crater

Access: Moderate walk.

Some Rock Scrambling.

Some Navigation required as the trail is not clear in some places.

A 4WD is handy to reach the car park described especially in wet weather.

Alternatively mountain bike in from below Bald Trig to the start of the walking trail then stash the bikes in the bush.

Navigation: Navigation is fairly straight forward though there is a bit of zero tracking to get down through the cliff lines.

Map:  Wollangambe

Time: It takes about 45 min to walk down the to crater site.


Goochs Crater is not an actual crater but a natural depression that looks a bit like a crater on aerial photos. It is a popular among scout and bushwalking clubs as an over night walk from Bell. This takes 4-5hr each way but there is a much shorter route in from the back side from Clarence off the Dumbano fire trail,



Turn off the Bells Line of Road/Chiffley rd at the ZigZag railway at Clarence and follow the Newnes forest rd 4.8km till you reach an intersection below Bald trig. Take the right turn and follow this, there is a rough hill and some muddy patches so 4WD may be handy. Look for a turn to the right about 3.5km in, there is some old steel cable near the corner of the intersection this is at MGA459967.

Park here and follow the side trail on foot right to the end, ignoring motorbike tracks that cross it at several places. Continue along the ridge. The trail is hard to follow in spots as it crosses rock out crops but basically follows the ridge top. In a few spots you’ll be able to see Clarence colliery a few ridges over.


It’s about a 1.5km walk from the car park to the point were you can see Goochs Crater  down to the left at MGA460951. The trail down is scrubby and can hide rock steps so care is needed.

The Crater is just one of many interesting features in the area and a little exploration around the site is suggested, You never know what you’ll find


Return: The same way you came


Trip Report 05-06-16 /10-05-17 / 08/07/17





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