Dalpura Ridge

Access: A nice walk up along a gentle ridge. Tar to parking area

Navigation: Navigation is fairly straight forward though the trail can be easy to miss in one spot

Map: Mt Wilson

Time: 30min out to the end. 30min back

Date walked: 28-10-16 Mandy Tal, and myself

Dalpura ridge is a spur off the Bells Line of road that gives nice views over the Grose Valley, south towards Blackheath and Mt Vic. A trail runs from the Bells Line of road out between Dalpura and Birrabang creeks which are popular with canyoneers so the trail is fairly well trodden


Getting there: From the weigh station at Bell follow the Bells line of road toward Sydney for approximately 5km and park on the side of the road. There is a wide clearing on the side here (An over taking lane starts on the west bound lane opposite the car park area). Look for the start of the trail on top of the embankment on the opposite side of the highway. This was marked with a small rock cairne at the time of writing.

The trail is an old fire trail and is easy to follow until it goes over the high spot. Just past here and just before the fire trail peters out a walking track veers off, slightly left to stay on the east side of the ridge. If you miss this and get to the end off the old fire trail walk left 10-20m and you should pick up the walking trail.

Follow it out for views over the Grose Valley from high pagodas. Becarefull near the cliff edges as they are all over hung and brittle.




Return: The way you came in



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