Why don’t we do it in the Serendipity


Garry Jodie, Edwin and me

Soooo we’d planned an early start and a trip down Upper South Bowen creek but storms rolled in around 3am and at 6am it was still belting down so we decided to wait for the rain to clear and play it safe in Serendipity Canyon.

Yeah yeah I know naming protocol says the canyon should be referred to as Why Don’t We Do It In The Road canyon and I’m all for naming protocol but while that song may have meant something to the first descendant to be honest I’ve never even heard it and it’s a long and awkward name for a short and pretty canyon. Serendipity has caught on largely due to the Jameison guide but it seems appropriate.

Anyhoo it’s a nice spot with a relatively small catchment but the waterfalls were flowing nicely after the rain.

We meet up at Mt Wilson a few hours latter than originally planned and make our way in.

I had a slight moment on the first absiel were the rope slid up over a rock suddenly providing me with a foot of slack just as I was looking for a foot hold on the slippery slope. BLM (Bowel Liquifying Moment)

Gaz had a moment on the second last abseil, going inverted briefly under the waterfall. Other than that it was a relaxed trip down a very nice canyon

Unfortunately the late start meant the light was a little harsh

The Yabbies were out in force. One a canyon trip you normally see a larger one taking prime residence in the best pool. Today every pool seemed to have a massive one, sometimes two.

Jodie with her friend
I’ve never seen so many big yabbies so close together. the feeding must be good
Gary and Jodie in canyon
Descending the canyon
Ed in the canyon






Party size: 4. 3 experienced 1 intermediate

Time: 4.5hr car to car


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